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Secrets Of How To Make A Living On Ebay – Free Report

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Looking to make a little extra money at home? Ebay Could be your answer. In the current financial situation, many people are looking to ways of making extra money, I know I am. And I am here to tell you that there are many, many ways of making an extra income, whether that is a little more each month to pay bills and debts, or enough to allow you to quit your job and work for yourself at home or wherever, it can be done and done relatively easily.

I would like to talk about the various methods of making money online, as this is the area that I concentrate on myself.

Ebay: I would be a fool to ask if you have heard of ebay, because it is the biggest online retail outlet and for this reason I am sure you have heard of it. It’s amazing when you think, it all started from someone wanting to trade pez dispensers!. You can sell anything on ebay, and I mean anything, I have even heard of one man selling his life on there (no joke) his house, car, job…..Everything, oh and not to mention the famous Glastonbury festival mud auctions, I also watched a documentary where they sold old rope, yes really, old rope! So you can see that it doesn’t matter what you want to sell, on ebay you can. The reason ebay is such a good place to start with for making a little extra money is because of the very low outlay to get started, with ebay the costs are very limited, you can spend more, should you wish to make your listing more attractive to the buyer, however, if you don’t, it wont mean you don’t get sales. Here are some good reasons why ebay is a good place to start making that extra income very little equipment is needed. very little learning, or studying. There’s a short learning curve. There are no worries about getting traffic. Ebay handles that.

The last point there, about traffic is a good one. You could have the best looking website in the world, but if you don’t get traffic (visitors) then you will not sell one thing, so there is a lot of effort involved in getting the traffic to the site, it can be time consuming and often show little result for maximum time put in. Ebay eliminates that issue by supplying all the possible traffic you could need, all you have to do is put your item/s up for sale and watch as people find it. Ebay currently has around 233,000,000 users, imagine having 233,000,000 people all walking by your shop front, well on ebay that is what it is like, all with cards and cash at hand wanting to buy. How to start? what to sell? First things first, if you haven’t already, sign up for an ebay account at ebay.co.uk/com and a payment acount at paypal.co.uk the payment merchant makes it easy to accept payments instantly form your ebay account and also pay for many things.

Now, if you are thinking, but how do I start with nothing to sell? I can confidently say that anyone can find something to sell. Just have a look around your house and you will see plenty of items to put on ebay and sell. You may have a collection of items that you would like to get rid of to clear space, or individual items that you no longer want, well instead of just throwing it away or giving it away, why not put it on ebay and see what you get for it

You can sell anything, so even if it is broken or faulty, you still have a chance of making a bit of money for it, an example is broken playstations or xbox consoles, if you go on to ebay and search “xbox 360 spares or repair” you will find many listings for them and they can sometimes reach quite high prices. There is also an advanced search option and through this you are able to search for completed listings, this is good for finding a rough average of the amount people will pay.

I mention collections, imagine if you have an old collection of vinyl records, well you have two options here, list them in bulk lots, maybe 50 a box and get a high price for a set amount, or you could list individual records in seperate listings and try to gain a good price per record. The last method is particularly good if you know that a certain record is worth more on its own than in a bulk set. If you do sell in bulk lots and are worried about postage, there is an option when designing the listing to have the item as pick up only, that way the bidders know that they will have to collect from you and you need not worry about posting a large item, this is also good for large items, such as furniture or larger electrical items.

There are many other ways of finding items to sell on ebay and if I was to go into detail about them all, it would need a whole magazine. Needless to say some of them include dropshipping, catalogue excess stock or return stock sites, there is even police auction where you can get some gret cheap items to put on ebay for profit, that’s just a few ideas.

Further Information. There is so much more to teach about ebay and as such, If you would like more information about how to get started on ebay and find suppliers of items to sell on there, with high profit margins please visit my website, where I look at many ways of making that little bit of extra money we all need right now. I also have an amazing ebay e-book that goes into great detail about all aspects of trading on ebay and becoming a powerseller.

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